Fatu Camara tells women looking for husband: "Lower your standards"

Written by Eddy Jatta

Fatou Camara

Popular journalist, Fatou Camara of the Fatu Network has advised Gambian women who wish to get married to lower their standards in choosing of a husband.

In a Facebook Live video, which has since been deleted, Fatou, who was married twice before, warned Gambian wives to stop disrespecting their husbands if they want a long-lasting union saying ‘’a woman cannot be independent in a marriage’’. It is not clear if she was speaking from experience.

Fatou also asked Gambian husbands to reciprocate the same level of respect for women.

The video was posted Sunday night Gambian time, but it did not live long to see the dawn of daylight. What’s On -Gambia couldn't confirm the reason behind the sudden removal of the video. Could it be that her inbox was inundated with marriage proposals?

Fatou, who has not been married for about five years now, also had some good news for her many admirers, announcing that she does not mind becoming either a second or third wife anymore.

‘’Being first, second or third wife doesn’t matter’’, she quipped.

Her viewers were quick to show sympathy with many people wishing her all the best in her quest to land a hubby. Some even went as far as suggesting to her to go back to her first husband Harona Drammeh as a second wife.