Meet the woman who seduces Gambian men into stripping naked

Written by Eddy Jatta

Womn scammer 1

Facebook user Hope Beatrice Merveille is one of the attractive women used by con artists to befriend unsuspecting Gambian men and then seduce them into stripping naked before blackmailing them for thousands of dollars.  

A UK-based Gambian Omar Jallow disclosed: "She randomly added me on Facebook and then video called me. I thought she was someone I knew in England. 

"When I noticed she was trying to seduce me into undressing and performing sex acts to blackmail me, I unfriended her immediately." 

Hope Beatrice is one of the many attractive women used by con artists to prowl on social media for Gambian men. Former presidential aspirant Lamin Bojang is one of their victims.  

According to her Facebook profile, she lives in Cognat-Lyonne in France. Most of her friends on the social networking site are Gambians.