Where is the D29m? Most Gambian students abroad still waiting for their stimulus money

Written by Eddy Jatta

Gambian students

During the first COVID-19 lockdown, the government announced it has authorized money of more than D29m to be distributed among Gambian students studying abroad.  

But What's On-Gambia recently gathered that for most of the students whose names were collected by the various missions abroad, the money still hasn't arrived.  

"We did not hear anything from them after collecting our names," said Habib Jagne, the Secretary General of the Confederation of Gambian Students' Unions Abroad. 

He disclosed: " Our Confederation has members in 23 countries and what we gathered is that out of 2245 students only 702 of us received stimulus money. We hope and pray that some of the money wasn't diverted into their own pockets." 

Habib is a student in Morocco pursuing a bachelor's degree in Medical Bio-Technology at the National Institute of Health Sciences in Rabat.  

"I cannot understand how our government can leave us to fend for ourselves. Most of our colleagues from other countries received money from their governments," he said.