Sulayman apologises for having sex with transgender woman

Written by Lamin Saidy


A Sweden-based Gambian migrant has apologised for having sex with a Zimbabwean transgender woman.  

"I was drugged to have sex with her. I cannot even remember what happened, that night" Sulayman Ceesay told comedian Baba Ja during a chat on Facebook Live.  

According to him, he met the transgender woman at a train station in northern Sweden and went to her apartment, where they had sex which was live-streamed on social media.  

Demba disclosed: "It was my friends that told me the next day that videos and photos were circulating on Facebook showing me and the transgender."  

He claimed he was unconscious and could not remember most of what happened. 

"I went to the police on Saturday, but they said there is nothing they could do," he said. 

When asked by Baba Jaa whether he has undergone any medical examination including an HIV test, Sulayman responded: "I think I used a condom. Yes, I used a condom." 

He added: "I have a child in Holland and a woman here in Sweden. I will not involve myself in anything that is shamefully wrong." 

Sulayman came to Europe via the Mediterranean Sea. He now lives in Härnösand in Sweden.