US-based Gambian model says Gambian men are not romantic

Written by Aisha J


She is a top model and beauty director for a big company in the US, but Amy Ceesay says she is not wasting her time with Gambian men because they are not romantic.  

On the latest episode of the Sisters Show, she dismissively said: “We need to start putting men on the spot. Have you dated a Gambian man? Let me give you a list of African men you should run away from when you see them run! If you are watching right now am giving you a list of men you should run away from. Gambian men, just run! Gambian men, run! They are not even romantic”.  

She made the comments during the Hot Soup section of the show on the topic ‘Do you have a problem if your man is very close to his ex?’.  

Famous feminist and activist in the struggle to remove Jammeh, Sigga Jagne, didn’t mince her words in disagreeing with Amy. Her words: “I think it depends on that man’s character and personality, boundaries and mentality. You have to be aligned with what you desire and expect and value in love... if not, each of you go find the right man or woman for you regardless of their nationality or face”. 

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