A delusional police officer's attempt to educate WOG on journalism ethics and standards

Written by Saja

Police Officer

One of the police prosecutors at the Brikama Magistrates' Court has accused What's On-Gambia of being ”immature” for investigating their alleged corrupt activities. 

In a lengthy Facebook message, Sub Inspector Bobo Jarju hauled insults at the media outlet's co-publisher, who was at the Brikama Magistrates' Court for an undercover investigation. 

The young prosecutor, who holds only a diploma in Law from the West African Insurance Institute, also supported Magistrate Penda Sowe's decision to stop What's On-Gambia from entering her courtroom saying the controversial decision was legal. 

But Principal Magistrate Isatou Darboe said court proceedings should always be open and accessible to the public and to the media. 

She added, however, that there are instances where it is not practical to accommodate persons other than parties to the proceedings. Therefore, such proceedings are held in camera to protect the identity and modesty of the victim. 

On Bobo Jarju's foolish lecture on journalism ethics and standards, What's On-Gambia's co-publisher said: "He's just a delusional young man who needs help. Knowledge takes time to accumulate and thinking you know everything, shuts down the input." 

According to his Facebook, he joined the Gambia Police Force in 2008.