Will Charles Jow Memorial Academy ever regain its lost glory?

Written by Saja

Charles Jow memorial academy

It used to be an honour to be a student at Charles Jow Memorial Academy (CJMA), but since the departure of Principal Alpha Khan, it has lost its glory. 

According to an insider, the school is no longer the star of the Kanifing Municipality that it used to be. 

"This year, we were not among the top ten schools with best GABECE results. We had no aggregate 6," he said. 

The insider further explained that CJMA, which was established in 1997 by the Kanifing Municipal Council to fulfil the need for an Upper Basic School within Bundung and its surroundings, lost its recognition owing to fall in the standard of teaching and learning. 

Remembering the past golden days of the school, ex-head girl Ndey Busso, who now lives in the United Kingdom said: "I was disappointed when I saw that CJMA wasn't among the aggregate 6 scorers but I thought maybe they would be part of the first 10 best schools in the WAEC exams. Charles Jow was known to be producing the best results and students. I do not know what the problem is but as a former student I am very concerned." 

She appealed to the KMC to look into the matter so that the school can be taken back to its reputable days.