Government spokesman quit Facebook due to harassment/bullying

Written by Lamin Saidy

Government spokesperson

The spokesman of the Government of The Gambia, Ebrima Sankareh, has deleted all of his social media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter due to what he called “online bullying and harassment”. 

The revelation was made by Sankareh himself on the popular breakfast show Coffee Time with Peter Gomez, where he features regularly for a public Q&A alongside the Minister of Information and Communication. 

The tough-talking government mouthpiece said he left because he couldn’t do anything about Facebook users fabricating lies and insulting him for no good reason. 

“Anything I hear or read from Facebook is sent to me by my friends, family or well-wishers”. 

When a listener sent in a question querying why a modern government spokesman in this digital age doesn’t have an active social media presence, Sankareh replied that social media communication is not part of his terms of reference as a government spokesman. 

Sankareh also attempted to put to bed the ruckus that he is vying so hard to be a Minister in the Barrow administration.