Model Amy Ceesay says married women are cheating

Written by Babacarr Gaye

Model Amy Ceesay

Controversial US-based model, Amy Ceesay, has revealed there is a high rate of cheating in relationships by women, including married women.  

Speaking on the latest episode of The Sisters Show, she said: “Most men cheat. I wouldn’t say all men cheat, but most men cheat. I would say 85% of men cheat and 60% of women cheat. 60% of women are cheating. You have way more women in general in life, obviously you are gonna have a lot more single women. You have a lesser amount of men in life meaning most of them are either in a relationship,married or have a girlfriend.  

"Men are cheating. Married women are also cheating with married men. And married women are cheating with single men. And there are men who are married and have a wife and children at home,but are cheating with other men”.  

Dr. Jay, a medical doctor and a host on the show explained: “I would say a high percentage of men do cheat and even a higher number than Amy stated. Men cheat depending on what situation they find themselves in because I don’t think they have the resistance like we do. And women also cheat. If you look at the number of women that are married, it is far less than the number of men who are not married. Like you have more women out there who are not married than men. These are the excuses most Africans would give. They would say you guys outnumber us so we should definitely have more than one in order to equalize the chance to have a man”.  

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