The Tekko Fii project donates solar equipment to skills training centers

Written by Agi Mam

Tekki fii COVER

The TEKKI-FII Project is committed to assist the Gambia government through skills acquisition and entrepreneurship training to reduce the pressure of youth illegal migration which has impacted the economy and image of the country. 

The project which is funded by the EU through its Emergency Trust Fund for Africa and managed by GIZ, donated solar equipment to skills training centres across the Greater Banjul Area and Upper River Region. The training centres include; GTMI, Chamen Technical Training Center in Latrikunda Sabiji and Bwiam, Insight Training Center and Sterling Consortium in Busumbala and Basse. The project understands the overwhelming demand for energy at both domestic and industry level and nature of youth unemployment and recognizes skill acquisition as one of the underlined factors that can help tackle this issue.  

Tekki fii

One of the trainees at GTMI explained how the training has changed the narratives for him, he buttresses on the issue of inadequate electricity the Gambia faces and concluded on how solar energy continues to fill up that gap. Another trainee at Chamen Technical Training Center added that countries across the world are beginning to fully embrace solar energy and with this comes the need for expertise and industry growth as well as youth empowerment and employment. Lack of adequate energy subsequently hinders industrialization and economic development of the country.  

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Training youths to gain skills and have access to needed equipment is a step in the right direction.