Here are the towns with the most alcohol drinkers

Written by Saja

Alcohol drinkers

Here are the towns in The Gambia with the most alcohol drinkers:  


Located in the West Coast Region, the town has a high concentration of bars. It is very common to see a drunken person staggering in the road in broad daylight. 


A popular destination among tourists, Kartong is also among the drunkest towns in the country. It has tons of local bars where they serve home-made alcohol.  


Widely considered to be a religious town, Gunjur has a large number of alcohol drinkers - some of them Senegalese fishermen.  


It has the best cocktail bars in the country. So it's no surprise that Kololi is among the drunkest towns. A source disclosed to What's On-Gambia, that a lot of young Kololians drink in excess. 

New Jeshwang 

Located a stone's throw from Westfield, Jeshwang is the bar capital of the Kanifing Municipality. Jokor and neighbouring Jacaranda are popular spots for drinkers.