Mbalu Darboe is super-rich: Here is how she made her money

Written by Saja

Mbalu Darboe

She's one of the richest Gambian women, so it was not surprising that Mbalu Darboe reportedly spent over D20million on her daughter's week-long wedding last month. 

How did she make her money? 

This was the question on everyone's lips when videos and photos from the wedding extravaganza emerged online showing dollar bills all over the place.  

According to a US-based Gambian, who begged for anonymity, the bulk of Mbalu's money comes from a healthcare company that she established in Seattle -a seaport city on the West Coast of the United States. 

At her company, the flamboyant multimillionaire provides professional home care services for elderly people.  

Our source disclosed that Mbalu's wealth is so vast that she owns luxury houses in both The Gambia and the USA. Senegalese social media influencer, Pape Mbye recently revealed on Instagram that one of her compounds in the country has multiple gates.  

Her husband is also said to be a multimillionaire.