Bora & Muhammed reveal how men use fake life, iPhone and expensive cars to get girls

Written by Baboucarr Gaye


They are the most famous comedic duo in The Gambia, but Alhagie Bora and Muhammed have a hard time getting their dream wife.  

During their appearance on The Sisters Show New Year Special on Saturday, Bora explained: “Now there is nothing like using big grammar or jargons, but what you should use now is your pocket. Money talks. 

He added: "I used grammar it didn’t work, I used Wolof phrases it didn’t work. I used MandNowadayses it didn’t work. Even Fula. Now money talks and there is no money. That’s another problem.  

"Nowadays in The Gambia if you are trying to get a woman you must have expensive phone.That indicates you are a rich man or come from a good family. It’s the iPhone they use to vet you. If you ask a girl for her number, she will ask for your phone to put the number there. If your phone is a mass product deal-breakerPhone they will say sorry am sharing phone with my mother and my mother is very strict. That’s a deal breaker for them. If it’s iPhone 10,11 or 12, she will quickly give you the number. Even her mother’s number and her father". 

Alhagie Bora further disclosed: "Now to get a woman you don’t need to use big words from encyclopedia or Cambridge dictionary. What you need to do is pretend to be a rich man. Some people will even go and use their friend’s vehicle.Some will use their brother’s car, some will use their uncle’s car”.  

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