Barajally feels snubbed by Barrow's government

Written by Momodou NJ


The people of Barajally in the Niani District, Central River Region are not happy. They have expressed concern about the lack of ferry in their area.  

The alkalo, Yaya Jawara said the only ferry in the area had a breakdown in 2016 during former President Yahya Jammeh's meet the people tour. 

"Our ferry was taken to JanJang Bureh to transport the presidential delegates and that was where it had the breakdown." 

 According to the alkalo, they contacted the management of Gambia Ports Authority, but nothing has been done to get the ferry back in service.  

A businessman in the village accused the current government of neglecting the people of Niani.   

Barajally is former President Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara's birthplace. The village is currently undergoing rehabilitation championed by family members.