Ebou Jallow claims TRRC's Essa Faal was a "Jammeh enabler"

Written by Saja

ebou j

The former AFPRC junta spokesman, Ebou Jallow has claimed the lead counsel at the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC), Essa Faal is a former "Jammeh enabler".

On his Facebook live talk show, Sun Xalat, the retired soldier alleged the TRRC's main agenda is to demonise the former president, who was Essa's boss for many years.

"Essa was working for Yahya Jammeh. If he wasn't an ass-kisser, Yahya Jammeh would not have moved him from the AG Chambers to the United Nations at the Gambia Permanent Mission," said Ebou.

He added: "Yahya was his boss. He could have recused himself, but he didn't. The same Essa Faal was assigned to prosecute the security detainees in 1994. When Sam Sarr and others were in prison, they were informed that Essa Faal, a young lawyer, was going to prosecute them."

The former junta spokesperson disclosed that while Essa was collecting evidence for the prosecution of the security detainees, he bagged a scholarship to further his education in the West Indies.

"Sam Sarr told me that Essa was assigned to prosecute them. The people at the Army Headquarters including former CDS Babucarr Jatta and Major Dennis Coker also told me that it was true.

"Essa Faal was going between AG Chambers and the Army Headquarters with the file that would prosecute Sam Sarr and his colleagues. Essa Faal was the one managing that file."

Ebou claimed he is related to the TRRC lead counsel, but said that would not stop him from disclosing the truth about his activities during his days as a "Jammeh enabler".