Fatu Camara regrets ending marriage, asks women to forgive cheating husbands

Written by Lamin Saidy


Fatu Camara has opened up about being divorced twice, noting that she has been cheated on by a significant other.  

Speaking on Tonya Kesso aired on Fatu Network, she said: “We have all been cheated on. I was cheated on and I ended the marriage. But then I was young in my thirties. Looking back, I would have done better than getting divorced. I would have handled it better.  

"Now I have learned more about men and read research that shows how often men cheat more than women. That’s just their nature. I’m not condoning cheating, but married women shouldn’t divorce just because their husbands cheated because that’s the way men are. It’s better to understand it and handle it well.  

"Sometimes cheating husbands change for the better with time. I know it’s hard, but you have to understand men and their nature. It’s hard. In my case, I asked myself what I was missing and what was lacking for him to look outside. But I realized it had nothing to do with me. It’s just men doing what they do. Men can have the most beautiful woman and still cheat. Look at Princess Diana; she was cheated on. And Tiger Woods was also involved in a cheating scandal, so it doesn’t matter what the woman looks like or does, men always cheat and that’s the way they are. It’s up to women to just manage the situation and have ‘faida”.  

She added: “In my case when I heard about my husband’s involvement with another woman I confronted him. And I left that very day. I packed all my stuff and left. I was disappointed. But men are just like that. You see women who seem happily married but their husbands are cheating on them. They deal with it and manage it because that’s the nature of men. It has nothing to do with the woman”.