Ife Sylvia allegedly obtained Gambian citizenship unlawfully

Written by Eddy Jatta


Nigerian-born Ife Sylvia, a lecturer at the American International University West Africa has allegedly acquired Gambian citizenship through fraudulent paperwork.  

A reliable source disclosed to What's On-Gambia, that businessman Ousainou Mahanera, who is said to be close to the State House, facilitated her acquisition of Gambian nationality.  

"She was granted citizenship without all the necessary checks being done," said our source.  

Ife holds a Bachelor's Degree in Pharmacy from the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, according to her Facebook account that was opened in July 2012. She bagged a Master's Degree in Public Health in 2017 from the University of The Gambia.  

An insider at the Ministry of Health, who begged for anonymity, revealed: "After becoming a citizen of The Gambia, she was issued a pharmacy license making her the first Nigerian-Gambian pharmacist in the country."  

According to the insider, businessman Ousainou Mahanera is currently renting Ife's license to import and sell pharmaceutical drugs in the country. 

"Ousainou owns Victory Pharmacy. The reason why he helped Ife get citizenship is that he needs a license to operate as a Pharmaceutical importer. If Ife decides to withdraw her license from him, he might get the Immigration Department to revoke her citizenship."  

The Nigerian, who is widely believed to be the sexiest lecturer at the American International University West Africa, is also the head pharmacist at Jammeh Foundation in Bundung.