Married man beaten in public by side chick's brother

Written by Aisha J

Married man

A father-of-one (name withheld) was seriously injured after he was attacked, allegedly by his side chick's brother who opposed their relationship. 

The man who suffered injuries to his head and face in the attack at Fajara is married to a Norway-based Gambian.  

A source disclosed: "He's dating with the girl and the girl's brother warned him several times but he didn't listen. That's why the brother attacked him." 

He added: "The girl's brother claimed that since he's married with a child, he should leave his sister alone." 

When asked where exactly the attack happened, he responded: "At the married man's compound gate in Fajara. The brother wasn't happy when he saw his sister driving the man's car."  

The matter was reported to the Kairaba Police Station.