Serre Kunda police officer accused of harassing residents

Written by Lamin Saidy

Serre Kunda Police

A police officer at the Serre Kunda Police Station is accused of harassing residents in the night hours after 12 pm.  

One of the residents who spoke to What's On-Gambia disclosed: “One night, we were badly harassed by this fat police officer and his crew who are always around the Black Market area." 

He added: "They were not many that night. They were only 4 officers. They verbally harassed us. We were on our way from a late-night friendly football match at Emad's playing ground."  

According to him, they reported the matter to the Serre Kunda Police Station, but nothing was done to stop the officer.  

"What those police officers are doing is very unprofessional. When did it become a crime to sit outside your compound after midnight? The fat officer thinks he is tough and can assault people anyhow and get away with it. He should be very careful if he wants to live longer because people are now fed up and might confront him".  

Some of the officer's victims include two professional footballers who are currently in the country on holiday.