Kounkande claims he walked on the Atlantic Ocean in Gunjur

Written by Saja


Controversial Senegalese marabout, Kounkande has claimed that he walked on the Atlantic Ocean during his recent visit to the Kenye-Kenye mosque in Gunjur.

"I was in Gunjur and walked on water," he told journalists.

However, one Ebrima Jatta, who was born and raised in Gunjur, said he is not aware that a Senegalese marabout performed a miracle in the village.

He told What's On-Gambia: "I didn't hear about it and I live in the village. It's not true. The guy is just a compulsive attention seeker."

Ebrima added: "Please, tell him to visit the mosque again and we will all be there to see if he can really walk on water."

When asked whether it is not possible for a human being to walk on water, the young Gunjarian responded: "Of course, it is possible. Some people are gifted with supernatural powers."

Kounkande is right now the most talked about marabout in Senegal after promising that he will split the ocean into two on the day of Ashur.