Hamat Bah and Musa Drammeh accused of illegally selling TDA land

Written by Lamin Saidy

Hamat Musa

Some Gambians on social media have accused Tourism Minister Hamat Bah and Local Government and Lands Minister Musa Drammeh of illegally selling plots of land in the Tourism Development Area (TDA).

Popular Facebook user, Femi Mahoney wrote: "Hamat Bah and Musa Drammeh should be prosecuted for selling our diamond TDA areas to the Highest Bidders!"

One of his followers, Sulayman Ceesay commented: "Crooked Bah and Drammeh’s day of reckoning will come. Nothing stays hidden under the sun!"

Responding to Sulayman's comment, Femi wrote:" I really do hope so. These people have finally ruined and sold our country to the undesirables. The last area they sold around Jarama Hotel is the tourist car park. Then, all those drivers have been kicked out of that place."

The TDA is the area of land along the coastline that is set aside for present and future tourist developments.

Shortly after President Adama Barrow came to power, the Gambia Tourism Board announced that "anyone seeking land or acquiring/buying land in the TDA to be careful because any land sold to an individual by estate agents will be reverted to the government."