APRC divided over whether to form coalition with Barrow's NPP

Written by Eddy Jatta


Supporters of the former ruling party, APRC are divided over whether to form a coalition with the NPP and help President Adama Barrow to win reelection in December.

One of APRC's most prominent members in the Diaspora, Lamin Tamba announced his opposition to a coalition with the president's party, arguing that APRC coalition with any party will be illegal without ex-President Jammeh’s approval.

He wrote on his Facebook page: "Last time Jammeh spoke, he said “no coalition with any party”. Until he advises people again, don’t assume he changed his mind. “No Coalition with any party”.

But another prominent APRC supporter, Alieu Bah said: "With the little information I got, I am 100% in support of APRC coalition with NPP. Gambia shall and must prosper and APRC has a role to shape that transformation. I am 100% in."

The APRC leaders are still tight-lipped over the coalition rumors.