Mother threatens to take boy to "jalangs" for impregnating daughter

Written by Eddy Jatta


A Manjago mother in Basse has threatened to take her neighbor's son to jalangs for impregnating her 24-year-old daughter.  

The boy, who begged for anonymity, disclosed to What's On-Gambia:" We live the same compound in Basse. I told them that I am ready to step up, but the mother is still angry and threatened to take me to the jalangs." 

He continued: "The mother is also trying to get the girl to terminate the pregnancy, but I warned them that if they kill my baby, I will take them to court." 

When asked why he didn't wear condoms during sex, the young man responded: "I always had condoms with me, but the girl wouldn't let me use them."  

The young couple wants to get married, but the girl's mother allegedly said her daughter wouldn't marry a Muslim.