TikToker threatens to wage war on WOG for posting his airport engagement photos

Written by Eddy Jatta

Tik Toker

A Kanifing-based TikToker has threatened to wage a war on What's On-Gambia for publishing his engagement photos. 

Alasan Mbye, popularly known as Nice Boy on social media, recently proposed to his US-based girlfriend at the Banjul International Airport in the presence of dozens of people. 

But the TikToker wasn't happy with What's On-Gambia for sharing the photos on its Facebook page.  

He threatened: "You guys will hear from me and my TikTok people very soon. Ya’ll know how fast TikTok videos can go viral so ya’ll expect the What's On- Gambia challenge. You’ll be mentioned in each and every video we do for you guys. Let the war begin." 

His fiancée, a polite and level-headed young woman, later wrote to What's On-Gambia to apologize for Nice Boy's obnoxious tantrum 

"I am sorry on his behalf. Please do not take it the wrong way, he was just frustrated due to the calls he was receiving. I did talk to him and I understand his approach was wrong. Misunderstandings can happen especially via messaging and online communication." 

Nice Boy is among the most followed young men on Tik Tok, where he currently has over 20,000 followers.