Who drove GRA 82 to Manjai Lodge to have fun with a sex worker?

Written by Lamin Saidy

GRA 82

A Gambia Revenue Authority vehicle (GRA 82) was found parked outside the Manjai Lodge at about 02:56 am on Sunday, while the driver was inside the lodge with a sex worker.

A source, who begged for anonymity, disclosed to What's On-Gambia: "I was shocked when I saw the vehicle. The guy was inside for over 45 minutes."

Manjai Lodge, which is located near Kotu Silo Junction on the Hermann Gmeiner Highway, is allegedly one of the most popular spots used by sex workers for their sexual encounters with clients.

An insider at GRA said using an official vehicle for private driving and not for work is against the Authority's vehicle usage policy.

"I am sure they will find out who was using the car at that time of the night," he said.

According to the insider, the driver will face disciplinary action for using an official vehicle outside the normal working hours without authorization.