Will Kounkande split the Atlantic Ocean next week?

Written by Lamin Saidy


"Dina xar guedj gui, "Kounkande said during an appearance on Sen TV's Guiss Guiss show.

The controversial Senegalese marabout, who's now a household name in The Gambia, vowed that he will split the Atlantic Ocean into two on the Day of Ashura (18th or 19th August) and allow young Senegambians to cross to Europe and other parts of the world before putting it back together.

"I am gifted. All my grandparents were marabouts," he said.

But one of his critics, Selbe Ndom accused Koukande of being a liar. She argued that no one on earth can split the Atlantic Ocean.

Famous Islamic scholar, Iran Ndao also painted the controversial marabout as desperately attention-seeking. He advised Senegalese to stop listening to him.

"There is no one who can split the ocean. Stop wasting your time listening to that;" he said.

So many Gambians will be glued to their mobile phones and TV screens to see if Kounkande will split the ocean like how Prophet Moses divided the Red Sea, allowing his followers to escape from bondage in Egypt.