Nobles explain why they took off their shoes during State House visit

Written by Eddy Jatta


There was some confusion over exactly why the famous boyband, Nobles took off their shoes during their meeting with President Adama Barrow on Monday at the State House.

In a chat with What's On-Gambia, the trio revealed: "We removed our shoes to show respect to our leader. Some people remove their hats, but for us, we decided to remove our shoes."

They added: "Leaders are to be respected."

Shortly after they met with the president, Nobles wrote on Facebook: " We had a fruitful conversation with the Head of State President Adama Barrow. Thank you for your acknowledgment and words of wisdom. The music sector is something we must look into and we’re glad that we had the chance to discuss it. Thank you for the invitation."

But some of their fans were not happy that the boys were at the State House.

One of them commented: "After so many years of hard work to be where you are today, don't let that die simply because of someone's selfish interest. Nobles think again and never associate yourselves with any politician. Sit on the fence, in fact, you should be there to represent the pains of the suffering Gambians."

Another fan wrote: "Barrow's days are numbered. It is a pity seeing you guys going to him. I guess you guys are looking for BUZZ."

Nobles is unquestionably the leading boyband in the country. They won multiple awards and their music videos garnered millions of views on social media.