APRC's Foday Chorr is against coalition with NPP, says Barrow is a "failed" president

Written by Saja

Foday Chorr

UK-based APRC supporter, Foday Chorr said "it will be a sad day indeed if the APRC join with Barrow; a man whose loyalty to those that placed him in the seat of power waned before the dusk of his first year."

In a lengthy Facebook post that garnered more than 150 comments, Chorr argued: " Barrow is a Party leader, whose political party has never stood an election. It is highly unlikely therefore that the NPP will have any strength in numbers, and are not in a position where they can win without significant support from elsewhere. Their only chance of success is a coalition with the APRC.

At the last general election, it took a coalition of nine and questionable election results to topple the Mighty Green. UDP, the second-largest party has not secured anywhere near the same amount of votes as APRC in any election. So why this lack of faith?"

The UK-based APRC supporter described Barrow as a president who has failed his country.

"Crime, unemployment, infant mortality are all on the rise. Spiraling cost of food, building materials and commodities are plunging ordinary Gambians further into poverty. The health sector is deteriorating with inadequate supplies of medication and other healthcare supplies. Education has become for those who can afford it and lack of infrastructural development and maintenance is hindering any potential for economic growth. I fear that to become bedfellows with this man, who is anything but a leader will be political suicide for the Greens. He has shown a level of ineptitude that is arguably unparalleled across the globe," said Chorr.

Unlike some of his colleagues in the APRC, he is strongly against forming a coalition with Barrow arguing: " To enter into coalition is not a bad idea when both Party’s have some element of shared ideology, and the opposition they have in common has some advantage of numbers; but where the ideologies are diametrically opposed and your Party numbers outstrip that of the opposition, it is difficult to see the logic. Are the APRC willing to sell their soul and betray their legacy purely for financial reasons?"