I will not increase the price! This baker refused to sell bread at D10 to poor Gambians

Written by Saja


The Bread Bakers Association recently directed its members across the country to increase the price of bread, following the rising cost of flour and other raw materials.

A loaf of tapala bread is now sold at D10 in most parts of the country.

But one of the few Gambians in the bread-making industry, Saikou Bojang refused to increase the price at his bakery in Brikama, saying: " I made it very clear to them that I will not increase the price."

According to him, bread should remain one of the cheapest food commodities in the country. He appealed to the government to stop the Bread Bakers Association from harassing members who want to make bread affordable for low-income consumers.

"I dont support the price increment. The price of flour was D1380 and now they are selling it for D1450. So the difference is not significant for them to increase the price of bread to D10," said Saikou in an interview with LSTV.

He disclosed the association once threatened to close his bakery for refusing to obey their directive.

"Even if the government decides to accept the increment, I will not increase my price."

His interview received thousands of views on social media with many praising him for standing up for the poor.

Nfamara Ceesay wrote on YouTube: ”Honestly, he's a good citizen, thanks for your kindness may god bless."

Another YouTube user commented: ”I respect this man. May Allah bless you for loving this country."