OPINION: President Adama Barrow is afraid to enter the ring without the APRC

Written by Saul Sarr


Despite the huge crowds that follow him wherever he goes, Barrow is still not sure of himself, his party, and operatives. He is doubting himself and his team. He doesn’t believe they can deliver hence why he is seeking support from the former ruling party, the APRC.

Over the past 18 months, three parties, namely: APRC, UDP, and NPP have all been bragging that they are the single biggest party in the country. The December election is an opportunity to settle the debate once and for all. The only way to find out is if all three parties contested on their own without coalescing with any party.

So far, the UDP is the only party among the rabble-rousers who are ready to go solo and confident of winning. APRC executive is of the view that if they don’t coalesce with President Barrow’s NPP, their arch-rival UDP will win. That is a humiliating admission that their party is now a spent force and shadow of their former self. NPP executives share a similar view to that of their APRC counterparts.

President Barrow’s NPP is supported by NRP, PPP, NCP, GPDP, Team Isatou Touray and Team Bakary Badjie. With a fleet of cars and minibusses, unlimited resources at their disposal, but Barrow is still desperately seeking APRC support despite the costly price it comes with.

APRC has their conditions and agreeing to some of them will set Barrow on a collision course with victims and international development partners.

Those small parties supporting Barrow should be worried as the man doesn’t believe they can bring anything to the table.

Saul Sarr