Man accuses slay queen of stealing his iPhone 11 Pro Max in nightclub

Written by Aisha J

Slay queen

A young man has accused a slay queen (name withheld ) of stealing his iPhone 11 Pro Max in a nightclub in the Senegambia Strip after borrowing it to take a selfie.

He disclosed to What's On-Gambia: "She stole my iPhone 11 Pro Max, which is white but in a red cover. I am searching for her, but still couldn't find her."

The young man added: "She borrowed the phone to take a selfie and disappeared. I went to where she lives but her friends said they don't know her whereabouts."

He threatened to "damage the slay queen's image" if she doesn't return his iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The young man, who is seemingly a regular club-goer, did not report the alleged theft to the Tourism Security Unit (TSU) at Senegambia.