US-based Gambian model wants opposition parties to unite and remove Barrow

Written by Demba Siady


Amy Ceesay, a US-based Gambian-American model and co-host of The Sisters Show, has called for a grand coalition of political parties to remove Barrow following his alliance with APRC.

She enunciated: “We had a horrible dictatorship that led Gambia and Gambians to come together as one to form a coalition to get rid of Jammeh. We did it with the full intention of not wanting dictatorship. We had forceful disappearances, we had people who were falsely accused and jailed unlawfully, we had people who were killed in broad daylight, corruption, and so many other things.

"We all came together because we had one motive: we don’t want Jammeh because he was making us suffer. We all came together and took Jammeh out of power because he was torturing us, he was killing us, he basically instilled fear in our hearts, we couldn’t talk and couldn’t do anything. Some of us couldn’t even travel back home.

"In the process of people running after Jammeh disputed the election Barrow lost a child. Barrow you lost a child. Barrow you lost your child not because of anything but because Jammeh forced himself in power and you had to put your family into safety. Remember this: you are one of the victims of Jammeh because you were hiding your family and that led to the loss of your own child. No amount of votes is going to give me back my brother and no amount of votes is going to bring Solo Sandeng, no amount of votes is going to bring Deyda Hydara back. We still haven’t even seen the dead body of my brother. But Barrow is going to wine and dine with Jammeh”.

Amy added that Barrow has proven to be incompetent and not up to the job Gambians expected of him and should therefore be sent packing at the end of his term in December.