SCANDAL: Isa's husband is divorcing her for side chick

Written by Aisha J


Famous socialite Isa Gassama and her Scotland-based millionaire husband, Ansu Manneh are divorcing after less than one year of marriage.

She accused her husband of cheating with one of her best friends.

In a message sent to What's On-Gambia, Isa said: "I know cheating will never stop. Men will always be men, but exposing them some time will limit it."

She continued: "I am the wife of Ansu Manneh and the side chick is my friend."

But the socialite did not disclose the name of the side chick.

Isa, who is currently pregnant, recently deleted all photos of herself and Ansu from her Instagram and Facebook and stopped following him on social media. She also erased "Manneh" from her name.