Gambian women are now taking each other to dangerous Malian marabouts

Written by Lamin Saidy

Malian marabouts

Gambian women are now spending hundreds of thousands of dalasis on extremely powerful revenge spells to punish their enemies, according to information reaching What's On-Gambia.

"They now travel all the way to Mali to visit dangerous marabouts who can help them eliminate their enemies," said a source.

In an audio tape that was recently leaked, a woman could be heard telling another woman that her Malian marabout has eliminated one of her enemies and has given him more names to destroy.

Our source, who begged for anonymity, disclosed: "These are women who claim to be successful. But most of them are not happy. I do not believe in these Malian marabouts. I cannot even waste my time visiting them. It is against Islam."

Most of the women who visit these Malian marabouts are young, usually between 25-45 years. They are wannabe celebrities who are economically dependent on men and live a pretentious lifestyle.