Pendo Guisse is also looking for a Gambian husband

Written by Aisha J


Famous Senegalese singer, Pendo Guisse has said she desires to get married to a Gambian man and become a naturalized citizen of The Gambia.

The singer, who recently released a new single, opened up about her possible domestic future during an interview with Dakar Buzz.

When asked why she wants a Gambian husband, Pendo responded: "Gambians are not wearing glasses. They are seeing."

She added: "These Gambians know what they want. They know what they want."

Pendo is in her early 40s, but she is still struggling to find a man to settle down with and start building a family.

"I am going to Gambia," she announced in the interview that gathered more than 65,000 views on YouTube.

The singer also disclosed that she is working on a new single for her Gambian fans. She's hoping to perform in the country during the Christmas holidays 2021/22.