Woman wants boy to be arrested for sending her photos of his penis and chest

Written by Eddy Jatta

Women and boy

A married woman has contacted What's On-Gambia to help her to locate a young man who sent her photos of his penis on WhatsApp.

"I don't know him. He just sent me a message from a Qcell number. He was telling me nonsense and said he will send me his dick while I don't know him," she said.

The woman added: "I'm a married woman. I don't give my number out to strangers. He sent me photos of his dick and chest. He said he wants to fuck me and so on. I felt so embarrassed. Why would one do that?"

According to her, she wants the man arrested and taught a lesson that he would never forget in life.

"This has to stop. He might be doing it to other girls. I can send you the pictures he sent me."

She further revealed: "He kept telling me to suck his dick. I was shocked. I told my husband and he advised me to block him."

When asked whether she reported the matter to the police, she responded: "If I involve the police, my husband will be mad at me. He already told me to block him."

The man is using Qcell number 504 4082 on WhatsApp.