“I wanted to go back to school and my in-laws refused” Hairdresser Matty Njie responds to ‘haters’

Written by F Mbaye

Last weekend, What’s On-Gambia posted on Facebook an e-mail from a young lady, Matty Njie, who claimed a married woman was trying to snatch her boyfriend.

The e-mail was met with a public outcry and some people labelled her a ‘loose girl’.  One of Matty’s neighbors alleged she was once married, but it was destroyed when she had an affair with another man.

“That is a lie! They’re spoiling my name now,” Matty furiously told What’s On-Gambia.

She said she was only seeking advice from What’s On-Gambia followers, and it is very unfair for some of them to use it as an opportunity to dirty her image.

“Some Gambians are really stupid. Yes, I was married and he is my cousin.  I was 17 and after three years, we divorced,” she said.

According to Matty, she asked for divorce because she wanted to complete her senior secondary education.

“I wanted to go back to school and my in-laws refused. It’s a long story.”

She now works as a hairdresser and has now found herself a new man. Matty said she will never return to What’s On-Gambia for advice on love and life.

Please, don’t do that!