Who’s Ndey Ceesay? Fatou Camara’s appeal for help causes online stir

Written by F Mbaye

Fatou Camara

An ongoing fundraising to help raise money for Fatou Camara’s Leral show on Freedom radio has caused a huge stir.

One of her critics, using a fake Facebook profile under the name Ndey Ceesay, said the former GRTS presenter is now begging Gambians in the diaspora to help pay her bills.

Ndey questioned: “Why should Fatou Camara be donated $10,000?”

On the 2nd March, 2014, Fatou took to Facebook to inform her followers about the fundraising and she urged them to visit theGoFundMe website to donate.  She is hoping to raise $10,000.

“How many of you earn that much money by traveling in the cold back and forth from your various places. She is just trying to get your hard earned money. Wake up people,” argued Ndey Ceesay.

Fatou Camara’s fans have been quick to defend the former TV celebrity. To many of them, she is still the ‘nation’s darling’.

“Fatou is the darling of the people like it or not,” wrote a fan in Sweden.

Manyima Bojang

But who is this Ndey Ceesay that is everywhere on Facebook trying to pick a fight with the famous GRTS journalist? Seemingly, she is enjoying being in the spotlight and wreaking havoc anonymously.

She warned Fatou to stop badmouthing popular Gambians like Fatou Fatty.  According to Ndey, she knows a lot of secrets about the Fatu Show presenter.

While she is yet to respond to Ndey’s criticism, Fatou Camara has previously commented on Facebook that Manyima Bojang and her group are behind the fake profile (Ndey Ceesay).  

In case you don’t know, Manyima is the owner of Nyimsi B Promotions, an event management company. She is one of Fatou’s archrivals.