Prepare to get jealous! Gina Manneh parties onboard a luxurious yacht in Dubai

Written by Saja

Gina Manneh knows how to escape the European winter weather- by going on holiday with a group of friends.

The international model rented a luxurious yacht to cruise along Dubai’s Royal Island Beach, one of the most expensive areas in the United Arab Emirates with magnificent and unique restaurants, events and water sport facilities.

When our reporter contacted Gina to find out more about her yacht party, the model said: “My friends and I wanted to have a great day away from work and have all the phones off. We rented the yacht for a day.  It has 2 bedrooms, a living room and a small seating area.”

Popular celebrity, Derek Khan was also onboard.  He is a lifestyle consultant and judge on America’s Next Top Model.

“He is a very good friend,” said Gina.

The UK-based model was recently in The Gambia on holiday.  Gina enjoys travelling, interacting with people and having fun.