Let’s protect our sisters from sex predators: Are we about to see another raunchy tape?

Written by Lamin Saidy

The way some semesters and toubab men treat our young women is just revolting. What’s On-Gambia has learnt that a new steamy sex tape featuring a Gambian girl is set to be released online.

Already, screenshots from the raunchy video has been uploaded on Facebook.  According to our source, the guy in the photos has an Asian background.  He reportedly filmed the sexual encounter without the girl’s knowledge.

In the Greater Banjul Area, there is a hidden problem of semesters and foreign men targeting young girls – some of them underage- for sexual exploitation. They usually lure them with false promises of taking them to Europe or helping them open a business.

Some of them describe Gambian girls as ‘cheap’.

A couple of days ago, a Bakau girl wrote to What’s On-Gambia to explain how she was exploited and dumped by a British tourist.  She wanted us to expose him as a sex predator and how he is messing up with young girls from poor families. 

“Please use my story to advice Gambian girls, who are dating outsiders. They are nothing but liars and cheaters. Let them be careful,” she wrote.

She added: “For my case, he lied to me that he will open a fashion shop for me.  He also went behind my back and slept with my best friend.”

Sexual exploitation of young girls is a growing problem.  More on this in our subsequent editions.