Gambian with courage - Sarjo Barrow

Written by Gainde

Gambian with courage: This is Sarjo Barrow, a young and successful lawyer (attorney) in the USA. The Dankunku native is the owner/founding member of The Law Office of Sarjo Barrow, LLC. 

Sarjo earned his Bachelor of Science degree (cum laude) in Criminal Justice from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice of the City University of New York and he is also a cum laude graduate of Thomas M. CooleyLaw School, Michigan where he earned a Jurist Doctor Degree with emphasis on litigation and business transaction.

To be a good lawyer, you really have to find out that part of the law that really motives and interest you. Sarjo’s areas of practice include family based immigration and employment based on immigration. 

He is also actively involved with issues surrounding the impact of regional wars in Africa and how they affect African students in the Unites States.