Gambian with courage - Bakary B. Sanneh

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Bakary B Sanneh

GAMBIAN WITH COURAGE: He's named after Kiang's most popular son and former vice president, BB Darboe. Bakary B. Sanneh is a bright young accountant, who currently works as Audit Manager for Deloitte Touche Associates, a professional services

Gambian with courage - Aji Rohey Bah

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Aji Rohey Bah

GAMBIAN WITH COURAGE: She is an eloquent young woman. Aji Rohey Bah is a law student at the University of The Gambia (UTG). 
Aji Rohey talked her way to emerge as one of the country's most powerful female debaters. She recently

Gambian with courage - Oumie Njie

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Oumie Njie
GAMBIAN WITH COURAGE: She was born and raised in Sweden. Oumie Njie is one of the most innovative, courageous, daring and successful young Gambian women in the Scandinavia. 
She is the CEO and founder of Hair By Ella, a

Gambian with courage - Kajally Jobe

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GAMBIAN WITH COURAGE: He's undoubtedly one of the most intelligent young Gambian PhD holders. Kajally Jobe is a UK graduate from A-levels to PhD.
He holds a First Class Bachelor's Degree with Honours in Medicinal Chemistry, a

Gambian with courage - Mustapha Jagne

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Mustapha Jagne

GAMBIAN WITH COURAGE: He performed poorly in his middle school final exams. That, however, never stopped Mustapha Jagne from dreaming of becoming successful. This young man knows how to rise above failure.

How did he combat his

Gambian with courage - Nfally Fadera

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Nfally Fadera

GAMBIAN WITH COURAGE: Nfally Fadera is fastly becoming: the most popular Mandinka newsreader in the country. Even the market vendors at Gunjur know about him.

Nfally has been acclaimed nationally for his lucid, succinct and clear