Gambian with Courage - Isetou Jawara

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GAMBIAN WITH COURAGE: She's a very inspiring teenager. Isetou Jawara is determined to make a difference in the lives of others. She recently created an outreach project to help homeless people living in the streets of New York. 

Gambian with courage - Ismaila D. Badjie

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Ismaila D. Badjie

Gambian with courage: He is so calm and humble about his academic achievements. Ismaila D. Badjie is undoubtedly one of the successful young Gambians in the USA. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (B.S. Chem.) and a Professional Do

Gambian with couragr - Babou Sallah

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Gambian with courage: He's a Gambian living in the United Kingdom. Babou Sallah is an outstanding young philanthropist and volunteer fundraiser. 

He assisted What's On - Gambia to coordinate the fundraising project for

Gambian with courage - Beatrice Verzier

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Gambian with courage: She is making headlines as one of the favorites to win The Voice of Switzerland, a popular reality television singing competition on SRF, the primary public service broadcaster in German-speaking Switzerland. Beatrice

Gambian with courage - Bankole Thompson

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Gambian with courage: He's undoubtedly The Gambia's most successful young journalist in the USA.

Bankole Thompson is an award winning journalist who has had series of sit-down interviews with Barack Obama. He has also interviewed

Gambian with courage - Buba Marong

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Gambian with courage: He’s always mistaken for a wannabe rapper. Buba Marong holds three university degrees in life sciences and he is about to start his doctorate. Despite his academic achievements, he’s so immensely simple, humble and