Gambian with courage - Mr. Siaka K. Dibba

Written by Gainde

Gambian with courage: I have to do this; I know my friend will ‘kill me’ if he knows I sent this to you. But I think he deserves to be up here, people need to know the good job he´s doing for his people. 

He´s Mr. Siaka K. Dibba a social

Gambian with courage - Sukai Johm-Drammeh

Written by Gainde

Sukai Johm-Drammeh

Gambian with courage: ...."I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass." - Maya Angelou

This is Sukai Johm-Drammeh, a hardworking Gambian 'hustler' in the United

Gambian with courage - Satang Nabaneh-Cham

Written by Gainde

Gambian with courage: Perhaps one of the most well-known women’s and children’s rights activists in the country. Satang Nabaneh-Cham is a lecturer at the University of The Gambia. She holds a Master’s Degree in Human Rights from the

Gambian with courage - Kaddy Barrow

Written by Gainde

Gambian with courage: Do you know that in today’s Gambia more girls go on to further study science and mathematics? 

This is Kaddy Barrow, the Niamina Dankunku girl that is known to be an exceptionally talented student in the classroom and in

Gambian with courage - Kumba Daffeh

Written by Gainde

Gambian with Courage: Mother Teresa said, “Give, but give until it hurts.” This is Kumba Daffeh, a trailblazing woman you should know. She is a successful entrepreneur recognized for her volunteerism and giving back to those in need of a

Gambian with courage - Sarata Ngack

Written by Gainde

Gambian with courage: Gambian nurses are constantly criticized for their inability to deal with emotional charged situations. Recently, a pregnant woman in Brikama was left to give birth on her own despite screaming out for help.

But NOT all our