Meta Mbaye dethrones her sister as Mbye Kunda's richest daughter

Written by Lamin Saidy


Following her arrest and incarceration at the Mile 2 prison for allegedly killing her nephew, Sainabou Mbye's younger sister has displaced her as Mbye Kunda's richest daughter.

Meta Mbaye, a former student of Ndow's Comprehensive, is the owner of Meta's Beauty.

According to a source, who begged for anonymity, her beauty products have recently reached immense popularity making her one of the country's most promising young entrepreneurs.

Sainabou was Meta's boss. She had an enviable lifestyle, but after her arrest for allegedly killing her nephew who was left in a hot car for several hours, many of her fans and customers disappeared.

If Sainabou's lawyers manage to get her acquitted and discharged by the High Court, she might need Meta's assistance to revive her business, Saacs Beauty.

About Meta

On her Instagram page, where she has over 14,000 followers, she claims to be a professional makeup artist. Meta launched her business less than 5 years in a partnership with her sister.

But she's now the sole owner of BM Beauty and makes more money than Sainabou.