Haddy Faye Vs. Fatou Camara: Here is what police decided

Written by Lamin Saidy

Haddy Faye Vs Fatou Camara

The Police have decided to drag Haddy Faye to court for obtaining goods by false pretense contrary to Section 288 of the Criminal Code.

They alleged the CEO of Absolute Entertainment obtained a CCTV camera by false pretense from journalist Fatou Camara.

According to a source, the investigation was started by the Senegambia Police Post after Fatou reported that she sold the camera to Haddy but never received payment.

After hearing from both of them, the police decided there should be a prosecution.

But in a chat with What's On-Gambia, the CEO of Absolute Entertainment said the CCTV camera was a gift.

"She gave me the CCTV camera after informing her that I bought a house for my mum. She was so happy for me and decided to give me the CCTV camera to install in the house," said Haddy.