Pullo Bah begs Allah to kill her after Ebou Faye's loss

Written by Saja

Pullo Bah

A young woman from Primet Street, Pullo Bah has begged Allah to take her life after Ebou Faye's loss in the Banjul mayoral election on Saturday.

Mayor Rohey Malick Lowe of the opposition United Democratic Party was declared the winner of the hotly contested race.

According to results released by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), the incumbent mayor was re-elected by Banjulians with 8299 votes, beating Ebou - the candidate for the ruling National People’s Party.

In a statement released on Sunday, Ebou said he accepted the results of the election and congratulated the mayor on her re-election.

But one of his staunch supporters, Pullo Bah took to WhatsApp to beg Allah to kill her over her candidate's loss.

She said: "There is no hope for Banjul for the next five years. I rather die now than live in a city run by Rohey Malick Lowe."

Sources who claim to know Pullo said she's a well-known supporter of the ruling party.

"God is yet to take her life," jokingly said a source.