A letter from Devon, England: The Adams family getting ready for the Bajana Marathon

Written by By Daisy Adams

Hello Gambia!

We are looking forward to visiting the Smiling Coast for the Bajana Marathon and Cultural Festival on the 19th April, 2014. My mum (Amanda), Dad (Geoff) and I will be taking part in the running event held by the GVT Volunteers. This will be our first run in The Gambia, and will be a great experience for us.

We are currently training at the moment in Devon, England where we live, but our training cannot prepare us for the climate in The Gambia. The weather is very cold, a couple degrees above freezing, and it's always raining. Trying to find motivation to go out in the terrible weather is hard. Our runs are very hilly and extremely muddy at the moment.

We have completed a lot of runs in England including the London Marathon. Some runs are very cold wet and windy runs quite often in snowy conditions. And then some runs will be in our lovely summer climate. Running the Bajana 10k will be quite a different run for us. We not only want the enjoyment of running in The Gambia, but also want to take on board the sights and sounds of running in a different country.

We are very excited to represent our running club, South Molton Strugglers and will post lots of photos of our experience.

See you all soon and hopefully see some of you at the run

Kind regards

Daisy Adams

Do you want to take part in the Bajana Marathon?Registration for individuals is D50, sport clubs and associations D500, public and commercial institutions D750, and D1000 for diplomats. Anyone who wants to register can contact 9025749, 6696984, or 3083001