Runoko Rashidi writes about his Roots experience

Written by Runoko Rashidi


Greetings Family,

I hope you are well. It is not often these days that I take the time as I once did to pen notes on yahoo about my travels. I spend so much time on Facebook these days! But today I felt the need. I just returned from the

Why they call us Toubab? Spanish girl, Manuela writes

Written by Manuela Bojang

Is curious to see how a child who is still learning to talk, the first thing he says when he sees a white person is toubab. Imagine what would happen in the opposite situation?

If in Europe, a child says to a black personblack – it is

Introducing our new tourism page with Alhagie Bojang

Written by Alhagie Bojang


The advent of tourism in the Gambia in 1965 comes with great expectations for a young independent nation that does not have many natural resources at the time. Depending on agricultural products for export to earn the much needed foreign exchange