Famous video vixen reveals why she leaked best friend's sex tape

Written by Eddy Jatta

Video vixen

Famous video vixen Jai Ndure took to social media last week to share a sex tape
showing her former best friend riding a man. 
The video of the steamy rendezvous is still making the rounds on WhatsApp and
In a chat with

Can newly-married couples have sex during Ramadan?

Written by Eddy Jatta

Newly married couples

Intercourse during the day in Ramadan is haram for men and women alike, who are
obliged to fast during the day. Doing that is a sin for which expiation (kaffarah) must be
Expiation for having  intercourse  during Ramadan

NAWEC employee becomes first Gambian to divorce 19 wives

Written by Aisha J

Nawec employee

An employee of the National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) has allegedly
become the first man in Gambian history to divorce 19 wives.
According to a source, the serial divorcee was recently abandoned by two of his wives.
He's currently

Zainab Musa Darboe gives Aida Samb a D0.5million Chevrolet Equinox

Written by Lamin Saidy

Aida Samb

Senegalese musician Aida Samb made millions during her concert at the Pencha Mi Hall
on Saturday. He was also showered with gifts including a Chevrolet Equinox.
Famous socialite Zainab Musa Darboe, who was one of the guests of honor at the

Kiangka rapper displays his D50,000 diamond teeth

Written by Eddy Jatta

Untitled 1

Kiangka rapper Lil ODee has claimed he is the first rapper in Gambian history to wear
diamond teeth.
The rapper recently took to his Instagram to share his mouth jewelry, showing what
looks like diamonds on the bottom and front row of his